Hunters of Chautauqua County is a blog where hunters can visit to keep up-to-date on what fellow hunters in the community are doing or seeing.  Here they will find stories of past and present harvests and can share stories of their own!

I was passively part of this community for about two years. During that time I only went out in the woods to tag along with my boyfriend in his stand.  After observing the sport and finding I loved it myself, this past summer I decided that I wanted to actively be a part of the experience and took my Hunter Safety and Bow Safety courses. Discovering a new found passion for something made me curious as to how others have fallen in love with the sport, or question what others’ most memorable experiences are.  This blog was created through that curiosity, and I’m excited to see the types of input fellow hunters have for it!

The first page, “A Love That Is Learned,” is a debrief of my philosophy on hunting as well as the basics that any beginning hunter should know.

The second page, “Hunting Stories,” is a collection of stories that fellow hunters have sent me with pictures of their harvests from past or present years.

My Journey,” as you can guess, is just that.  It’s a recollection of my experiences before I was actually an active hunter and my experience now in the 2013 season hunting on my own with a bow or a rifle.

What We’re Seeing” is a collection of pictures from trail-cams and video cameras that fellow hunters have sent me or ones that my boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to capture.

Your Daily Laughs” is a page made up of amusing memes or pictures that I have come across about hunting that are actually pretty good.  Hopefully you all enjoy as well!

If you or anyone you know would like to share a story, picture, ask a question, etc., please don’t hesitate to e-mail me at mate3642@fredonia.edu.

And don’t forget to please take this short 5-10 minute survey.  The information will be added to this site in the next month to demonstrate the type of hunters within our Chautauqua County community.

Thank you and Happy Hunting 🙂


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